Born in 1990, Nicolas was interested in computer science from a very early age.
On one condition: If you want to work in this sector, aim high, advise his mother. A recommendation that Nicolas won't forget: he is sure that after obtaining his scientific baccalaureate, he will join the Epitech computer science school for 5 years, with the goal of becoming a software developer.

During his 4th year, the first seeds of his interest in finance bore fruit: as part of his studies, Nicolas went to study at the University of Canterbury, within the Master of Science in Advanced Computer Science (Computational Intelligence), more precisely. His thesis topic? Fractal Stock Market which will earn him a mark of 70% (equivalent to 14/20).

Freshly graduated one year later, Nicolas worked for a few more years as a freelancer, before joining the salaried sector. But it will be in finance, if not nothing! That's why he joined the Quantam team in 2017, as an R&D analyst and finally got closer to this field that fascinates him so much. Nourished by what he learns, observes and analyzes in thisposition, he comes to discover the vast subject of cryptocurrency, which he considers much more promising than the traditional stock market. The Simba project is about to see the light of day...

Perfectionist, thoughtful, born freelancer... are some of the qualities Nicolas shows, and thanks to which he intends to carry Simba (which he developed entirely on his own: from the software to the website, including the logo... while waiting to be able to enlarge his team) as far as possible!