Hi everyone,

The goal of the project is to bring everyone a bunch of tools to help to implement, test and collect signals from your own strategies / ideas. Currently, I am alone developing everything, so the new features will come from time to time and as quick as I can (I have a work in parallel of this project).
I hope that this kind of tools will be used by as much person as possible. But currently, as this project does not allow me to earn money, i have a limited time to develop the platform and a single server managing everything that is not very performing. So you may find some lags, I hope not too much. Moreover, signals generated at the moment are delayed by 15 minutes. I plan to add more data/module in the future, to allow everyone to use the largest tools possible. This will be added depending on the demand on the community forum (available on discord only at the moment).

I have a lot of tools to develop to improve the platform, so be patient :)
This project is under active development and is currently under version 0.0.1 beta.

Currently, everything will be available for free (with some uses limitations) until a stable version with enough tools will be released. The only one thing that I will ask to you is to help me to improve the platform by using our forum to give me improvement ideas / explaining bugs encountered,... Do not hesitate to contact me if you encounter any problem, because this is really important for me to bring the best experiment to users.

I hope that you will enjoy being part of a new platform that aim to become as huge as possible in the future. But Rome as not been built in a day, so I think that others help will be valuable.

Thank you for using the platform.

The Simba Team